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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the channel numbers be the same?

With the digital system, the channel number that appears on your television screen and the actual channel number can be and often are different. Many stations have sub channels (channel 2, channel 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.) Keep in mind reception will vary in your area due to geography and location of the broadcast antenna.

What if I can’t receive a signal with Clear TV?

Signal strength will vary based on a certain valuables, such as distance from the transmitter, hills, buildings, and even tall trees can impact reception. To check the exact distance from your residence to the nearest transmitters, and get an idea of what to expect in the way or reception, go to antennaweb.org and type in your address. It is recommended that you be within 25 to 30 miles of a broadcast antenna.

Is my Clear TV Digital Antenna covered by a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Every Clear TV Digital Antenna is covered by a 60 - Day Money Back Guarantee, less processing and handling.


Clear TV Reception Tips

Place Clear TV in the location with the strongest reception, typically this will be on an exterior wall or window. A television signal can become weak or intermittent by passing through walls that are exceptionally thick or contain large amounts of metal. In this case, consider attaching Clear TV to the inside surface of a window pane using the provided suction cups. This will help to capture a weak station. However, Clear TV or the cable should never be allowed to interfere with the normal operation of the window.

For optimal performance

Place Clear TV on the inside surface of an exterior wall, ideally a wall facing the general direction of local transmission towers. (You can find out the location of your towers by going to antennaweb.org). If there are multiple tower locations, optimize the position of Clear TV to the weakest signal. Clear TV can pick up the stronger signals from any direction. Experiment with different walls and even different rooms to find the best location.

Concealing Clear TV behind your Television or Artwork

Hiding Clear TV behind your television, artwork, wall hangings, or even furniture should not affect its performance. We recommend that first, find the best location for your antenna and it may or may not be behind your television.


If the signal you want to receive is extremely weak or intermittent, you may want to consider purchasing a Clear TV Amplifier to help boost your reception. This may be required with a very long cable runs (20+ feet).